Award-Winning UK LED Display And LED Screen Manufacturer

Based in both the UK and Dubai, Dynamo LED Displays has emerged as a premier manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of purpose-built LED display and LED screen products with an ever-growing global footprint.

With over 15 years of experience, we are constantly evolving our understanding and capabilities based on our clients’ needs. We merge art and technology to breathe life into your imagination through visual stellar innovation.

Although we are all about unleashing the dazzle and the visual spectacle,  Dynamo offers much more than just high-end LED technology.

Understanding your unique business needs is our top priority. We adapt our technology to design and engineer the ideal LED screen and video display at competitive prices.


Dynamo LED Displays – WHO WE ARE

indoor LED screen installed by Dynamo


Dynamo provides only high-quality, fully optimised LED products complying with the highest engineering quality standards, performance, and longevity. Our certificates include CE, ROHS, and FCC. Our brand trust is built upon this pinnacle in visual engineering, which is why we even offer a 3-year warranty on most of our LED display products.

High quality LED display installation


Dynamo embraces a partnership-oriented approach, always a phone call away to support our customers with selection, customisation, installation, or reparation. We draw from our years of experience to guide you with design, drawings, specifications, and everything else you need.

Indoor led screen signs installed for iSoftBet


Dynamo service agreement empowers you with a specialised after-care service team accessible 24/7 for your product support. Whether you need us for on-ground service or lead simple fixes through remote access, our team is always here to help. We take great pride in our work and manufacture as many of our LED products as possible in the UK.


We at Dynamo LED Displays are committed to providing LED screen and LED video wall solutions that fit the customers’ requirements no matter how difficult. Whether you’re looking for a LED screen for hire, scrolling LED ticker, countdown clock, full colour LED video display board, or a low budget shop window LED sign to show your message or advert, you have come to the right place.

Dynamo LED displays brings out the full depth and dimension of your brand messaging in hi-res glory to get heads turning in awe wherever you set them up.

From draping the edges of skyscrapers and digital signage outdoors to concave showroom video walls and angled hi-res, motion graphics displays indoors, our LED display solutions can always be aligned with your needs.

Blinding Protection

Robust design and corner and floor protection for the edge of the modules are designed to minimise damage.

Ultra High Contrast Levels

We use blackface LEDs, which increases the contrast levels and gives sharp image quality with high greyscale levels.

4k Video Processing

We accept input resolutions up to 4k as standard using HDMI, DVI, SDI and DP, and can build LED screens to any size.

Fast Build Design

Our range of LED screens are very quick to put together and because of their modular design servicing is extremely fast from either the front or rear.

Ultra High Refresh Rates

Dynamo uses latest IC chips, which enable refresh rate settings of up 3840hz, meaning no white lines, or flickers even on broadcast level cameras.

Lightweight Cabinets

Some of our LED cabinets weigh as little as 5kg per panel. Hanging or stacking systems can support much larger screens than conventional cabinets.

Supported Industries

Over the years, we have completed a vast range of indoor and outdoor LED display installations all over the U.K. and Europe. Major installations can be found in London, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham, Newcastle, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Cardiff. Furthermore, we have completed projects outside of Europe.

Our team has worked in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, including Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Here are some of the most popular uses of Dynamo LED displays that we have worked on:

  • For video streaming, display pre-recorded video or signage in live matches and concerts.
  • Transparent LED screens and monitors in showrooms, malls, and flagship stores for window advertising.
  • Product launches and trade events for promotional digital signage.
  • Movie screenings.
  • Creative display technology for immersive and ambience-friendly visual solutions of any size and shape.
  • Public information signage mounted on highways, stations, airports, situational centres, and control rooms.
  • Conference and meeting rooms.
  • Television productions and indoor shows.
Indoor LED video display at Arsenal FC club store

Indoor LED Screens

Dynamo’s lightweight, multi-pixel pitch indoor LED screens and displays offer a high-resolution picture quality perfectly suited for viewing from shorter distances. Their huge horizontal and vertical viewing angles can easily be customised based on the size of the screen and viewing distance available. Our small pixel pitch indoor video wall range comes in p0.8, p1, p1.5, p1.92, p2.5, p3, and upwards.

Outdoor LED video screen installed by Dynamo in Cannes

Outdoor LED Screens

Dynamo’s outdoor LED screens are primed to perform in all weather conditions. Whether it’s a gloomy monsoon evening or a sunny afternoon, the high brightness specification of our outdoor LED display products always delivers picture-perfect visibility. Dynamo outdoor LED video walls range starts at p3.2 and also consists of p3.91, p4.81, p5, p6, and upwards. The higher brightness makes them perfect for store signs and billboards.

liverpool fc led screen

Large LED Screens

The massive advertising surface created through an assembly of premium Large LED screen modules is perfect for captivating audiences on a large scale. Engineered with high-luminosity integrated LEDs, our large LED displays can be adjusted for brightness and contrast automatically based on the environmental lighting conditions. Our big LED screens facilitate easy refreshing of digital communications. We do it through a unique fibre optic control system with remote hardware diagnostics capabilities and remote content management enabled.

Flexible LED Screen at Dubai sport store

Flexible LED Screens

Whether it’s for decorative installations, gaming shows, car exhibitions, or 3D effects, we can customize our curved LED display screens to bend, roll, fold, or be hung wherever you wish. With a fully customisable series of screens to meet the exact degree of the curve for your display installation, Dynamo creates immersive visual experiences using both convex and concave panels that effortlessly blend into their surroundings. Soft PCB and flexible rubber material, coupled with its high ductility, allow us to implement one-of-a-kind curved LED display that can endure extreme compression without any distortion.

Superdry led screen

Transparent LED Screens

Dynamo LED’s series of transparent LED displays are showstopper visual solutions that allow up to 95% light to filter through and naturally illuminate the interior of your location. They offer a two-way treat for your customer’s eyes through arresting visual brand communications and clear sight of your store’s stylish design.

Transparent LED screens are an immensely popular screen solution for brands implementing their solution on buildings with predominant glass architecture without diminishing their overall aesthetic.

led ticker London


Our LED advertising display screens are often spotted at festivals, fairs, college events, and concerts as a dynamic influencer network for brands to capitalise on. You can essentially deliver a variety of ads for different time periods, constantly updating your messaging based on unique information for targeted audiences. All of your rich brand content can be programmed remotely using our seamless control systems, ensuring you are one step ahead of the competition.


Large LED Video wall installed at Liverpool Football Club

Large LED Video wall installed at Liverpool Football Club

We supplied and installed a total of 9 LCD screens located throughout the store as well as a 20 square metre, 3mm pitch LED video wall to show match content, advertising and live console gaming.


Biggest LED tower installation at Muscat Grand Mall in Oman

The biggest LED tower in the Middle East was installed by Dynamo at Muscat Grand Mall in Oman. 10 smaller LED columns, measuring 4.608m tall with each side 1.024m wide have also been installed.



Dynamo LED Displays have created an LED screen spectacular at The Armoury, Arsenal FC’s Merchandise store by installing an incredible array of LED Displays, LED “magic” mirrors, custom built LED tickers, fine pitch direct view LED displays and high brightness LED window screens.


LED Tickers From Dynamo LED Installed In Harrods Windows

Harrods, the famous London department store which first opened over 170 years ago in 1849 recently commissioned Dynamo LED Displays to install a total of 27 LED ticker displays in nearly all of its windows along Brompton Road and Hans Crescent.


Curved LED display installation at sport store in Dubai

Dynamo has installed over 60 square meters of 3.9mm LED screens in an international retail store in Dubai, UAE. The client was very pleased with the cheap quotation and the highest quality hardware used.


Largest outdoor LED billboard installation at Muscat Grand Mall in Oman

Situated at Muscat Grand Mall, this curved LED billboard is the largest outdoor screen in Oman. It is 14x10 meters and offers a very high heat dissipation



Verified review
Excellent product and service from start to finish product quality is excellent works well easy to use and to update. Clear to look at and bright.
Peter Soper
Peter Soper
January 14, 2020.
Verified review
Professional team and Professional service. Thank you Dynamo!
Kristiyan Uzunchev
Kristiyan Uzunchev
December 12, 2019.
Verified review
Very good service, fast and reliable Recommend indeed!
December 6, 2019.
Verified review
We recently worked with Dynamo LED on a project where they installed an LED ticker. The end product looked fantastic and the support from the team has been excellent. Look forward to working with them again.
John Alderton
John Alderton
October 10, 2019.
Verified review
We couldn't be happier with the service from Dynamo and the amazing quality of their screens. We rented a 3m wide screen for video display and their fantastic team were efficient with getting it installed in the tight time frame. Looking forward to worknig with them again. Thank you
Maddie Diamond
Maddie Diamond
October 1, 2019.
Verified review
Amazing and friendly service, super fast and efficient.
Joseph Daly
Joseph Daly
June 5, 2019.
Verified review
Dynamo LED Displays - Professional project recovery. From an ongoing nightmare scenario with a recommended UK LED supplier of continued delays, poor communication and low quality high cost product not fit for purpose. Dynamo as an alternative supply source are now providing us with a professional service with cost effective quality product to supply and support our key customers. Many thanks to the Yvonne and the Dynamo team for exceeding our expectations and putting our faith back in the LED display industry.
Simon Finch
Simon Finch
April 12, 2019.
Verified review
Super helpful service, brilliant product and great people! We used Dynamo for LED for our Covent Garden Pop-Up shop and would highly recommend them to anybody!
Gemma Machin
Gemma Machin
January 28, 2019.
Verified review
I have used DYNAMO LED Displays many times and each time they have done an amazing job. The after service is great, if you call and have a question they make the answer easy to understand. As my business grows, i will surely be using DYNAMO LED to help and support me. I look forward to working with them on future projects.
December 19, 2018.


What is LED display screen?

An LED display (also known as an LED video wall or LED Screens) is a flat panel display technology that utilises individual pixels made from red, green, and blue light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to create a video display. Nowadays, more and more manufacturing and advertising companies make use of LED displays to achieve their goals and improve their products and services.

What are the applications for LED Displays

LED displays have hundreds of different applications – both commercial and industrial. They are installed in sports stadiums and arenas, train stations, construction sites, airports, highways, commercial buildings and plazas, parks, shopping centres, malls, and are intended for corporate image promotion and advertising. At Dynamo, we support all industries and provide LED displays for all occasions.

What is the difference between LCD and LED display?

In terms of displays and monitors, LCDs (liquid crystal displays) are backlit by fluorescent lamps, while LED screens are backlit by LEDs (light-emitting diodes ). We can say that the main difference is that all LED displays use liquid crystal displays, but not all LCDs are lit by LEDs, and LED Displays tend to have individual red, green and blue pixels that are surface mounted to the front of the LED screen.

How do LED displays work?

A LED digital display is really similar to an LCD screen. However, instead of comprising a regular CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent) backlight, it uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as a source of light. A LED display is more energy-efficient and generally has a smaller resolution/pixel pitch than an LCD. LED Tends to be adopted when the display size is above that of around 80 inches or when there is no requirement for a high resolution.

How many types of LED displays are there?

We can say that there are two main types of LED displays – indoor and outdoor. Today, indoor LED screens find applications in a variety of properties like departmental and retail stores, shopping centres/malls, sports arenas, concert halls, theatres, corporate offices, and so on. Some of the places where outdoor LED displays are installed are stadiums, locations for different outdoor events, like weddings, ceremonies, concerts, festivals, highways, advertising screens, and billboards.