Flexible LED Screens & Displays

Dynamo has extensive experience in the design/development of flexible LED screen products and services. There isn’t an LED display system we cannot design!

We work with customers to create beautiful, light, flexible LED display solutions that make your brand or business stand out. Our innovative product line includes LED curtains and modules. We control the production processes to maintain extremely high-quality standards for every display.

We offer various panel size options and kinds of screens. Or you can choose a custom-build solution to fit your needs. Our custom screen solutions offer you maximum creativity options for digital display

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Flexible LED Screens

What are flexible video display screens? A flexible display is composed of LED chips pushed through soft polyethylene, made in a thin film to minimize any potential damage to the LEDs. It is a strong and sturdy flexible panel. When installed properly the LEDs provide a perfectly clear picture.

This new and innovative LED display technology changes how we interact with digital display installations. This LED display technology can create displays that are flexible. So they can be installed in places where conventional screens cannot go.

Other benefits of these LED screens include:

  • Not requiring any complex setup or installation
  • Being very light-weight and thin (making installation easy)
  • Having amazing picture quality
  • Using less energy than traditional LCD monitors
  • Best color uniformity
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Indoor Applications of Flexible LED Screens

Flexible LED displays in different shapes are suitable for many purposes because the technology is so versatile. Retailers deploy flexible LED displays in stores. They make appealing product displays or touch-screen panel ads. Because these flexible LED displays are so thin and lightweight, they make ideal window displays.

Industries that use flexible LED displays include:

  • Marketing & Advertising: Want more engaging advertising? LED panel screens make perfect advertising displays for videos or other content.
  • Transportation: Flexible LED panel screens are becoming more and more popular in bus and train terminals. Flexible LED sign boards are used for timetable information and instant commuter messaging.
  • Creative art exhibits: Want to add some extra creativity to your art exhibit? Try a flexible panel LED display for impact!
  • Stage and theatre productions: Try using a flexible LED curtain as a backdrop for stage and theatre productions to wow the audience!

There are endless possibilities for what you can do with a flexible LED screen, so if you need to add some extra pizzazz to your business or event, then definitely consider using them.

Need the wow factor? Our flexible LED curtain will deliver!

You can incorporate our flexible LED curtain in stage, television, art, music and theatre performances. Also, in nightclubs and retail outlets. Our easy-to-install flexible led curtain offers many advantages:

  • Extremely thin and easily installed
  • Custom shapes of lightweight flexible LED curtain available
  • LED display screen size options for different indoor/outdoor applications
  • The high transparency of our flexible LED display ensures the full effect of lighting noise or smoke
  • Luminescent displays available with 12 mm LED pixel pitch, 14 mm LED pixel pitch and 33.26 mm LED pixel pitch.
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors – IP65 waterproof rating
  • This type of display offers excellent contrast and shape options suitable for many applications
  • Designed to protect the LED circuitry from being damaged when used outdoors

Get in contact with us today, tell us what you need – and we’ll design you the perfect solution!

Flexible LED Display Modules

A flexible LED display module is a display that can be bent, rolled or otherwise shaped without breaking. This type of screen module technology is ideal for retail brands, museums, jewellery stores and many more industries.

Take advantage of flexible LED display module tech in the form of flexible screens which hang from the ceiling – great for highlighting an art exhibition or showcasing products.

Many retailers have already installed a flexible LED video display unit in stores. Look out for interactive touch display modules, intelligent signage that incorporates a small unit and a flexible video module to display video-enabled product catalogues for consumers!

Flexible LED screen displays for stage

Do you need custom shapes for your LED screens? Applications can use many different LED screen displays. When choosing a stage lamp screen-based lighting system, you consider several variables: size, dimension, colour intensity, sensitivity, and brightness. Our custom made video screens fit your specific needs and ensure your stages lighting and projection results are perfect!

LED Display Panel Features

Our flexible LED display module or panel is lightweight and designed to fit any shape. Ideal for viewing from any angle without disrupting image projection.

We can custom design a flexible video screen display with high transparency, waterproof capacity and strong weather resistance for indoor building structure design or outdoor facade decor.

Is a flexible LED display the right choice for your project? Ask us, and we’ll tell you the best solution!

Why get Your Flexible LED Displays from Dynamo LED Displays?


  • Industry-leading innovative LED display panel solutions for all industries
  • Light-weight and flexible screen design for easy installation
  • Minimal setup effort – your display is up and running in no time
  • Easy to operate
  • High performance and stunning effects provide maximum impact on viewers


  • 15+years of working with top brands and institutions
  • We achieve stunning results for our customers
  • Cross-industry experience in indoor/outdoor LED display design and installation
  • Award-winning LED screen solutions


  • The latest LED display screen technology included: high-performance LEDs, optimal brightness, high-resolution, flexible structure.
  • Robust system design for any indoor or outdoor space. Optimal viewing angle and resistance against humidity.

Easy maintenance

  • Our LED sign and screen designs are easier to maintain in your business, venue, or other location.
  • We offer ongoing post-sale support by email or phone to help solve any problems that may arise.

Discover how our flexible LED displays can help your business or event – book a callback with Dynamo LED Displays today!

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