Outdoor LED Screens & Displays

Looking for an outdoor LED screen for your business or event? Look no further than Dynamo LED Displays!

We have a comprehensive range of display screens designed with optimal LED pixel pitch to offer exceptional image quality. Choose from diverse models and various formats to find the perfect devices, screen size or screen ratios for your needs.

Our high-resolution public displays incorporate the latest LED technology and provide robust performance even in direct sunlight. Our outdoor LED screens are made with high-quality materials ensuring years of reliable use.

Plus, our support team is available to help with the setup and installation of every display for any outdoor venue applications, so you can be sure your display screen will be up and running in no time.

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Where can you use an outdoor LED screen display?

All our LED screens are premium-grade. Outdoor applications include:

Supermarkets, shopping centres & hypermarkets/stores

Our range of LED signs and digital signage not only draw customers in, but our in-store displays are also quick and easy to update with the latest offers for a convenient customer experience. They suit any retail business and offer a stunning visual experience for shoppers! Ideal for creative display windows and internal promotional purposes.

Outdoor LED video walls

LED video walls are ideal solutions for many outdoor events. They provide visual impact, engage attendees, and give the audience the best possible experience. We can design any shape of outdoor LED video display you need.

Thinking big? How about stylish outdoor LED displays that bring the exterior of buildings to life with animated graphics?

Own a restaurant? Install a visual window display of your delicious menu items to attract visitors to eat in!

LED Scoreboards and Sport Perimeter Displays

Sports arenas & stadiums

In a large outdoor environment like stadiums, outdoor LED screens can transmit live-action allowing people everywhere to properly experience the event. LED signs can also act as an essential message service for any event venue.

Outdoor signage

LED signage solutions provide a convenient option for transmitting different types of news or other information. Message crowds or traffic clearly and directly.

Outdoor LED signage is also frequently found at health clubs to encourage people to take advantage of discounted offers and fitness classes available.

led screen rental on bus
LED screen rental product launch

Outdoor entertainment

Bring your event to life with our see-through live promotion display screens to make a stunning visual impact on viewers! Ideal for presenting various entertainment media, such as live or prerecorded video performances. Our outdoor LED screens enhance any event!

Outdoor television & media networks

Need to broadcast an outdoor event? We have provided high-definition outdoor digital screens to corporations, companies and PR firms across the UK.

A big LED screen is the ideal solution for a range of outdoor advertisements and business or brand marketing campaigns. Outdoor advertising helps businesses connect with their customers or target markets by providing messaging in a public space.

Dynamo outdoor LED screens make broadcasting and advertising easy!

Why choose Dynamo LED Displays for your outdoor LED screen?

Our include a range of 4k conversion, transcoding and scaling technologies. Dynamo can create displays of any size.


  • Easy installation. Our slim unit case design is easy to install and service, and our large screen displays mount in any space.
  • Cost: affordable LED displays to fit every budget and every need.
  • Features: outdoor water/dust resistant display case designs, night view HDR technology featuring optimal LED pixel pitch.
  • Support: we provide a full post-sales support service to ensure you get the most out of your outdoor LED screen display.


  • Unrivalled experience in the outdoor LED screen display industry.
  • Dynamo has installed over 4000 outdoor LED screens in more than 60 countries worldwide.


  • Our range of high-resolution outdoor LED screens utilizes responsive design and the latest and most robust technology. The result is optimal brightness, contrast and stunning images!
  • Maximum protection through robust design and extra corner and base protection.
  • Cabinets with a black epoxy finish are sturdy, light, and long-lasting. Our hanging or stacking systems can support much larger and heavier displays.
  • We utilize the most cutting-edge IC chips on the market, with maximum refresh rates of 3840Hz. No white lines or flicker detectable even with television broadcast level resolution.
  • Dynamo has high contrast levels and utilizes blackface LEDs, providing razor-sharp images.
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