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LED Display Hire DSEI 2021

BAE Systems

At Dynamo LED displays, we’re used to working with huge corporate brands. So when M-is approached us to take charge of their BAE Systems display at the DSEI Exhibition earlier this year, we accepted their request with relish.

While we’re used to taking on massive displays at conferences and exhibitions, we were blown away by the scale of M-is’ vision. And ever the optimists, we approached the job with enthusiasm and gusto.

As you can see from the video and photos below, we created something truly remarkable. As well as receiving great feedback from delegates and visitors, the client was blown away by what we’d achieved. Our high-contrast “LED Hub” was the talk of the event, and the LED screens as a whole succeeded in their main aim of attracting attention and prompting enquiries.

Rather than tell new clients what we can do in terms of LED display hire, we like to show them. So here is a brief summary of this highly successful project.

A Request for a Series of High-Contrast LED Displays

BAE wanted to make a big splash at this year’s event, so we decided to go large, as they say. M-is drew up a plan designed to be one of the most ambitious at the exhibition. While the ins and outs might be a little tedious to list in a short article, the job was based on the following requirements:

  • A total LED display area of 270m² was made available at the EXCEL in London
  • 52 double-sided LED totems
  • 2 double-sided L-shaped banners
  • 5 double-sider headers
  • A 10m x 4m right-angle hub made from P2mm High Contrast LED

The Installation Process

We worked closely with M-is for several months before the event. After creating a detailed floor plan, we set to work acquiring the equipment and planning the technical aspects of the job.

The week before DSEI 2021 began, we gained entry to the venue in order to ensure we were ready to go on for the opening day. This was a mammoth team effort, which included the most knowledgeable and experienced members of the Dynamo crew.

Once the LED displays were in situ, the testing process began. We like to make sure that nothing is left to chance before a big event like this, so we tested for hours and went through numerous rehersals with the film crew.

A control server was used to control the content and make sure it flowed seamlessly across all our screens. On a job like this, we believe that treating all the screens as a single canvas delivers the biggest impact. But this isn’t easy, and it requires a lot of planning.

Fortunately, everything came together perfectly on the day and this LED Display hire was a huge success. We’ve been doing this for years and have some of the most talented LED techs in the space to ensure every last detail of an LED display by Dynamo is planned well in advance.

The Wow Factor

What sets Dynamo apart from the competition — apart from our meticulous planning and unrivalled expertise — is our approach to aesthetics. Our LED displays are often competing for the attention of thousands, so we need to be sure they shine brighter than all the others.

We are specialists in high-contrast LED displays. We achieve this eye-catching result by using our LED treatment solution, which includes a resin coating that covers each LED. As well as increasing the contrast, this also enhances colour conformity. Not only that, our resin coating makes each display more robust and resistant to moisture.

An LED Display Hire to Be Proud Of

With so many members of the UK Government and leading defence contractors in attendance, this was our chance to shine. And we knocked it out of the park. As you can see in our short video, our display was as eye-catching as it was effective.

Throughout the event, the BAE Systems LED displays enjoyed a constant flow of interested visitors. And we’re certain this mammoth British institution made huge strides in its search for new partnerships as a result.

We can do for your business what we did for M-is. Visit our Contact Us page, call us today to discuss your requirements in detail or drop us a quick email and we’ll get back to you as fast as we can.