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Dynamo LED Video Walls

Dynamo LED Displays have been at the forefront of LED screen technology creating spectacular installations all over the world. We were the first ever UK LED display company to build shopfronts entirely with LED modules, put LED screens onto hot air balloons and double-decker buses as well as develop custom LED modules for the likes of Formula 1. We recently created the Middle East’s largest LED Tower along with a further 10 LED columns and Oman’s largest outdoor screen at Muscat Grand Mall which has seen us nominated as finalists for the 2018 Installation awards.

Every reputable entertainment centre, be it live sport or any other crowd pulling event now has LED video walls of varying sizes to enhance the experience. These are not only at huge national sporting events such as Wimbledon and Premier league football but are now common in everyday environments such as LED shop window advertising. We can design and build our custom indoor and outdoor LED video walls and screens to be just 80mm deep using our front install and front service methodology.

Cloud Based CMS

Our cloud based CMS (content management system) is a fabulous way for businesses to easily update content across their entire estate of digital screens. The concept is pretty straightforward, the administrator simply logs into the software portal using a secure ID and password and then uploads all of their digital assists to the cloud based server. This data can then be used to schedule content as and when desired or when certain triggers are activated, for instance if the temperature reaches a certain level. Our CMS can also be linked to our video wall analytics system which can then show specific content based on the demographics shown by sensors and high definition cameras attached to the video walls.

The information that shows on the LED video wall displays can either be input manually and pre-programmed (asynchronous) or for live events a video feed can displayed directly (synchronous). For all your video displays requirements in and around London or across the UK please feel free to get in touch with us. We are able to cater for your requirements; no job is too big or small for us. We pride ourselves in our ability to design the systems to meet and exceed your requirements. We have LED screens available in different styles of digital display, from full colour curved LED video, outdoor LED screens, to the indoor LED signs often used within theatres and Opera.

Custom Built Indoor And Outdoor LED Video Walls

Our custom LED video displays can be built to size in increments as low as 128mm X 96mm! Our small pixel pitch indoor video wall range comes in p0.8, p1, p1.5, p1.92, p2.5, p3 and upwards while our outdoor LED screens range starts at p3.2 and also consists of p3.91, p4.81, p5, p6 and upwards. We use only the highest quality LED IC chips as well as leading brand LED’s to ensure our video walls are the very best in the industry with common refresh rates for our video walls around 3840hz Very Latest COB LED technology is available from our premium range of LED video displays which enables lower pixel pitch displays to improve heat dissipation and thus extend life. COB technology also improves the overall image by allowing our engineers to implement higher specifications. Dynamo LED Displays will always customize your indoor or outdoor LED video wall to suit your specific needs. Whether you need a high refresh rate for good viewing on a video camera or high brightness for a shop window our expert LED screen architects will ensure we deliver the right product for your needs. No patchy replacement modules and perfect LED video playback as we use specialist video camera equipment and software to calibrate our video screens to the highest standard. All of our LED video displays offer the very best technology including remote content management and remote diagnostics, in the unlikely event that any part of the display should suffer a fault you can be informed by email or SMS.

LED Video Walls

Entertainment businesses of different kinds are making more and more use of our LED video displays and full color LED video walls. They are a superior way of delivering game scores, special offers, waiting times and advertisements. Their use in this information age is priceless because LED video walls can display video over long distances and very acute angles. The growth in the use of LED video screens has largely been due to the fact that they are ideal for applications where information or data needs constant updating such as the scores at a football match or in the retail sector where special offers and deals need to be relayed to consumers. Our indoor and outdoor LED video screens and walls can be used for a variety of applications but are increasingly used within retail environments as well as the traditional field of entertainment.

The most common uses of LED video walls include:

⦁ Video streaming (live football matches) or display pre-recorded video

⦁ To show LED video shop window advertising

⦁ Product launches and trade events.

⦁ Movie screening at the cinema or other events

⦁ For advertising such as in Times Square New York and Piccadilly Circus London

⦁ Stadium concerts and live matches

⦁ Television productions and indoor shows

Our LED video display pitch starts at around 0.8mm giving excellent visuals on even the smallest of video wall.

Dynamo LED Displays installed Oman’s Largest LED screen and what is believed to be the largest LED tower in the Middle East at Muscat Grand Mall, Oman. The main structure stood at a whopping 13.5m tall and was surrounded on all four sides by an LED floor which was 1.5m wide. The P4mm display was also interactive and enabled participants to play games on the screens as well as upload images via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In addition to the main LED tower Dynamo also installed a further 10 LED columns as well as a 14m x 10m Outdoor LED billboard which curved around the building’s facade.

Dynamo LED Displays provided an 8m LED video wall at Liverpool Football Club‘s merchandise store at Anfield. Dynamo were also responsible for a further 9 LCD displays situated around the store which were integrated existing CMS. Fans of the club were able to play Playstation 4 on the huge LED screen as well as view live TV streamed from the club’s TV channel.

The project was awarded the 2018 Creative Retail Award for Best Overall Store Collaboration.

Interactive LED Video Walls


Why have an ordinary LED video wall display, when we can incorporate interactivity? We can create LED Displays that not only interact with the audience but also capture specific data such as height, age, and even gender. This can then be used to display different content tailored for and specifically targeting that demographic! The possibilities are endless and the data can also be used to give insight into many different areas of interest.

Using this information can help enormously with many other things from cutting costs to ensuring the correct number of staff are always on duty. Not only can our LED walls be made interactive they can also measure the amount of interest the display has attracted using sensors that show footfall and dwell time!

Our LED illuminated rear-projection wall displays deliver quality image and industry-leading power-efficient performance. All our video walls offer superior visual performance with 24/7 reliability.

There are black join lines through the display compared to traditional video walls. Higher levels of contrast, color depth, brightness, and refresh rate give a picture effect that is superior to any other solution. Energy bills from traditional LCD video walls or projectors can run extremely high whereas LED displays can be relatively energy efficient.

 Dynamo Led Displays innovative LED illuminated projection video wall solutions are designed to deliver brilliant and precise visual messages in the world’s most demanding environments. From architectural applications and digital signage to control rooms, we have what you’re looking for.