Custom LED Solutions

Dynamo’s custom LED solutions to all consumers who wish that their content be visualised in an attractive way. They are developed using the highest quality materials and components. Customised LED displays are created ranging from simple moving messages, LED tickers, Digital Signage, Video walls,  and much more.

The Custom LED displays and signs are used in a variety of applications. They include large outdoor displays to smaller scale indoor LED displays depending upon the needs.

Customised LED signs and displays use flexible or solid LED modules to create a bespoke full LED matrix. The LED vary in pixel pitch from around 0.7mm an upwards. It displays multi-colour displays with blue, green, amber or red emitters to create full colour.

The LED display emits brightness levels which makes it suitable for outdoors and readily visible in the sunlight as well. Some transparent LED displays allow up to 95% light to filter through them.  The LED billboards and store signs are common examples of LED customised display we see each day. In recent years there has been an increasing demand for customised LED signs and displays. On public transport vehicles, and message signs on highways. It is also increasingly used for delivering eye catchy designs and advertisements at events, hotels, airports, shopping malls, and other public venues. Our custom LED signs are also used on many gas stations, taxi roofs, and pharmacies.

The customised LED displays and LED tickers comes with unique designs and wide array of colours for indoor and outdoor purposes. It is easy to install, and works round the clock with ease. It is widely being used in remote areas to deliver messages via real time feeds.

The LED displays today also offer a 360 degree views of images with contents for a more effective display and effect on its audience. The custom LED products are used heavily for direct marketing purposes. It is easy to install, and light in weight and quite portable and comes with the latest 3mm to 10mm technology designed for viewing indoor and outdoor, and from short distances as well long distances it can be viewed easily.

Dynamo’s customised LED displays, screens, signs, and tickers are manufactured by highly skilled technical engineers who are dedicated to their profession and latest research and development in the field of LED. All our products are equipped with superior quality efficient solutions to meet the demands of the fast moving world.

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