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LED Transport and Destination Solutions

LED transport displays in public transportation is a great channel not only for displaying departure and arrival times but also for capturing attention and advertising you or your client’s services. Other than providing vital information about their travel requirements, you can use an LED display for any content you want to engage and excite your viewers.

Previously the only way you could capture attention was by using notice boards and posters. However, they can now be replaced with dynamic LED screens or signs. Because the LED screens allow you to change the content whenever you want, however you want and wherever you want, they are the perfect medium for relaying information. The LED screen displays we design can be customized to fit any size and any location. So, whether you need an LED display for the bus, train, or any kind of vehicle, our experts will find the perfect solution in terms of software integration, cost-effectiveness, and will know where to place the LED screen.

The LED destination signs we design can be protected by high impact Perspex and be made highly resistant to vandalism. We make sure the designs we make are up to date and work with you to ensure the content will appeal to the majority of your audience. If you already know what design works best for your clients, we are more than willing to work with you to customize the designs. Some LED screens come with a built-in PC, which makes it easy to develop new software, add new features, and extend the default capabilities, giving you more room for growth and enhancements.

Another major benefit is you can time your presentations, set custom schedules, and change information on demand. Whether using bespoke software or our standard application, you can easily control your content over TCPIP network, wifi, rs232/485, or even text message. The LED boards we have developed are designed to be eye-catching, great quality and at the same time affordable for your business. Our clients are from all over the U.K., including but not limited to London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Liverpool, Newcastle, Glasgow, Cardiff.



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