LED Traffic Signs and VMS Displays

LED Traffic Management Solution

The key to a free moving traffic system is the instantaneous flow of information to the motorists to inform them or road closures, road works, and accidents. Programmable LED traffic signs and vehicle management systems are the ideal medium for the traffic management industry because they are incredibly adaptable and can be updated remotely, quickly, and efficiently. The very nature of the Transport industry and the need to update and convey constantly changing information makes the LED VMS display ideal for this application. We all rely on the information we receive from LED displays in various forms in our day to day lives. They point us in the right direction and warn us of danger; they keep us updated and help keep us moving.

Our products are designed especially for the transportation field in Europe, and our design concept is followed strictly by the EN12966-1 standard formulated by the EU. EN 12966 sets requirements precisely on Visual performance, EMC, Environmental performance and durability. The EN also has other strict requirements on product design as follows:

  1. ROHS: Strictly applied with ROHS standard on the selection of raw martial, as well as on production technology
  2. Temperature: When considering the different application environments, the following different standards are available: T1, T2 and T3. Our current design is based on T2.
  3. IP Rating: The current design is IP65, while we can also as high as IP66 if needed in practice.
  4. Vibration Test: In order to avoid the damage caused by vibration on the product, we have strict requirements on the purchasing and connection of signal and power supply cables. Even when vibration tested for more than 270 minutes under 200Hz frequency, there is no bad influence on our products.
  5. Anti-graffiti: The cabinet surface is designed with anti-graffiti function, which can perform self-cleaning with rainwater.
  6. Anti-Water Forming/Anti-Dust Retention/Anti-Snow Forming: We have designed a system on the displays’ front surface, which can ensure clear information is displayed even in snowy weather.
  7. Anti-Striking: The display area is the most fragile part of the sign for the normal display, which can be damaged easily by striking, but the EN products are designed, under full consideration of the striking influence, by a destructive test of dropping one aluminium balls onto the display surface without any damage.
  8. Fault Detection: By designing the function of fault detection on the module, which can send the data after detection to the controlling PC wirelessly and timely, the real-time displaying situation of the sign can be known by the engineers at all times.


The cellular design on electronical parts, system, and modules, with obvious marks on the special part to avoid wrong connection, ensure easy maintenance.

Standardization Design

The following details of the display had been considered carefully: cable colour, specification and marks, terminal colour and specification, protection of electronic leakage, high voltage protection, grounding, as well as to keep clear and clean inside the cabinet.


The good performance of anti-corrosion of the cabinet, which can bear 1000 hours neutral salt spray test, as well as the main material such as LED from Nichia, ensure ten years’ application for outdoor. The static driving method design on the module with 0ma electricity also ensure the stability and long time application. The other materials are also selected and purchased by the industrial standard to ensure the VMS is safe and stable.


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