LED Countdown Clocks, Totems and Timers

Our excellent LED countdown clocks, totems and timers are a perfect way to let customers and staff know how long until a deadline or grand opening. We build every LED display into high-quality enclosures suited to almost any environment.

We supply dot matrix, seven segments LED and totem displays that can be easily re-programmed to another date, counting up or down. We can even incorporate your LED timer into another LED sign displaying totally different information. Our LED dot matrix signs can even be programmed to show text instead of the LED timer clock, thus making the sign multi-purpose.

Many examples of our LED countdown timers can be seen in the image gallery on this page. One of these LED countdown displays was manufactured for a car racing arena but can be altered however you see fit! The main LED timer was comprised of a seven-segment LED clock which counted down and flashed when the remote’s start button was pressed. The remote LED warning beacon would also begin to flash simultaneously with the LED countdown clock stopping only when the timer run down or the pause button was pressed on the remote. We build our enclosures to a very high standard, and this solution was made from a polycarbonate IP65 enclosure suitable for many applications and conditions.

Another example was the countdown clocks that were made for the Hublot watchmaker when they sponsored the cricket World Cup. The LED countdown clocks were set to finish in 80 days time when the first game of the World Cup started. They were custom-built and incorporated into a specially designed enclosure that was finished in the client’s branding.

Dynamo is able to create countdown clocks of different sizes and can take care of the complete project should you wish. Please contact one of our friendly advisors to gather more information. Contact us.


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