P16 Outdoor LED Signage that provides exceptional picture quality with clear visibility in a variety of conditions.

  • Clear visibility with high brightness and refresh rate
  • Support for fully customizable design
  • Signal and power redundancy to prevent errors


Proven visuals. Built to perform.

Samsung’s XPR series is ideal for a wide range of outdoor applications, from sports stadiums to dynamic outdoor advertising environments. This display features clear visibility with even more reliability.

XPR Series

Exceptional picture quality

The XPR series delivers clear, brilliant images and prevents distortion and interruptions, no matter where they are installed. Eye-catching brightness combined with a high refresh rate, means visuals are clearly visible in any weather or lighting conditions.

XPR Series 2

Fully customizable design

With support for customized design, you can get the exact shape, size and bend for your display to meet any specifications. Curved walls, L-shaped or completely customized, with the XPR series, you have endless options.

XPR Series 3

* Additional fittings are needed for customized design.

Integrated operational safeguards

The XPR series features multiple operational safeguards to prevent errors and interruptions. Even if there’s an issue with the control board, the displays will not black out. The displays also protect against power disruption as each power supply unit is coupled with a back-up.

XPR Series 4

*Signal direction can vary dependent on installation configuration.

Built for the elements

The XPR series features an advanced heat dissipation mechanism to prevent overheating. The cabinets are also IP66 rated both front and back, while the cabinet and components inside are waterproof for added reliability in any weather conditions.

XPR Series 5

Rigorous performance testing

The XPR series has been rigorously tested against the elements including accelerated lifecycle test, real-life operation tests in wet environments and simulations replicating the harshest sunlight to ensure the displays can withstand even the toughest environments.

XPR Series 6



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