TU Series

LED Interactive Solution

As an intelligent, flexible and convenient broadcast&control processor, TU series solutoin is designed for LED dispaly exclusive application scenarios such as enterprise exhibition halls, goverment report halls, etc. It integrates LED control, video processing, broadcast management, wireless screen projection, Screen connection by mobile phone photo, remote broadcast control, and other intelligent broadcast control applicatons, which combines with rich hardware interfaces, it gives the all new values to the LED display of intelligent display and extreme experience.
exhibition hall
conference room
repeat halls

5 seconds
Screen connection via photo capture

Through the mobile APP, to complete the screen configuration within 5 seconds. Decoupling professional software to unlock new experience with the screen mapping.

Multiple broadcast & control modes

Intelligent Remote Control

Program editing and broadcast control can be completed in three simple steps with remote control. Real-time on demand, unlock a new way of LED display broadcast control.


USB drive display

Plug and play, simplify the display and control.


Smart control by APP

It can realize LAN or remote program editing, scheduling, release and broadcast control through APP, which is convenient to interact with LED screen.

Ai intelligent voice control

Voice intelligent display control, application experience comprehensive upgrade


Practical Functions,
applicable to a variety of scenarios

Wireless screen projection, smooth and stable.
Wireless screen projection, smooth and stable Wireless screen projection, simple and convenient interation. 8m way from the screen, latency <80ms. 60 frames per second of wireless transmission, smooth and stable.
One-stop meeting experience
Rich interface, easy to achieve multiple peripheral integration, Built-in meeting applications, whiteboard, office software, etc.
Multi-mode effect adjustment
One-clik eye protection, filer out 30% of harmful blue light, relieve long-time viewing fatigue. Preset standard, soft, theater, meeting mode, users can match the best display effect according to different scene requirements.

3.9 Million Ultra-large loading capacity, free scaling

6 Network port output, up to 3.9 million loading capacity; Free scaling, support free connection, no rectangular box restrictions, more flexible screen connections.

3.9 Million Ultra-large loading capacity, free scaling

3.9 Million Ultra-large loading capacity, free scaling

6 Network port output, up to 3.9 million loading capacity; Free scaling, support free connection, no rectangular box restrictions, more flexible screen connections.


The excellent picture quality brings the microscopic insight

Equipped with industry-leading picture quality enhancement algorithm, the display effect can be improved from multiple dimensions such as contrast, color and detail, so that the picture is bright and full, rich and delicate layers, and the details are clear and sharp.

More Features

stable and smoother connection

Andriod 11

Safety and reliability system


Support third-party device mutual control

Ultra-low power

full screen standby power less than 0.5W

TU20 Pro TU15 Pro


211.7mm X 185.0mm x 50.6mm
Input voltage
DC 12V 3V
Stand-by power consumption
Standby Power consumption < 0.5w
Loading capacity
Maximum width&height
Maximum width 4096 pixels, Maximum height 1920 pixel
Adriod 11
Wi-Fi6 (AP) ; Wi-Fi5 ( Station)
Memory space
Input posts
2xHDMI 1.3; 3x USB2.0
Output ports
6xRJ45; 1xHDMI1.3; 1x305mm audio output; 1x SPDIF
4xRJ45; 6xRJ45; 1xHDMI1.3; 1x305mm audio output;
Control ports
1x RJ45; 1x Rs233l; 1xSensor
Intelligent broadcast control
Remote, APP, USB Drive
Wireless projection
Support Type-C, Wireless USB adapter, Support Windows / IOS / Android Multiple Platform Mirroring
Support ( combined with infrared boarder)
Phone photo mapping
Intelligent voice control
Free scaling
Image enhancement
Effect adjusting
Support ( Standard, Soft, Theater, Meeting)
One-click eye protection
Launcher customization
Boot animation customization
DRA Series

Indoor LED display, Outdoor LED display


DRA P1.55, DRA PI.93


Dynamo LED Displays

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