LED tickers are a fantastic way to display all kinds of information. The classic look of text scrolling on an LED ticker tape can bring even the dullest room to life while at the same time displaying all manner of information such as stock prices, the latest news, sports news, RSS feeds and even twitter feeds! We can not only supply LED tickers with lots of different content we can also supply many different LED tickers including transparent, fixed and flexible LED tickers to name but a few.


Whether you require an LED ticker for a rental or permanent installation Dynamo LED have an extensive range of LED modules and controllers available ready to build custom LED tickers at a moments notice.


  • LED Ticker display that can be used to display custom scrolling or static messages as well as show live Twitter and RSS feeds.
  • The time and date can be displayed in a separate window on the sign and it can be used as a countdown or up timer!
  • Extremely easy to install with it’s magnetic back and inter-connecting modules it is perfect to fit into almost any environment with stunning results.
  • Software as well as full support on installation and control will be provided at the end of the phone if need be but it’s easy operation means in most cases this will not be necessary.
  • Installation service available at reasonable prices.
  • Can be controlled via TCP/IP, WiFi, RS232/485 cable and even from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Many different actions including scroll left, scroll right, appear up, appear down, flashing and snowfall.
  • Very high standard wooden or industrial metal cases available finished to extremely high standard.


Need help with your financial displays? We offer a wide range of LED tickers, moving signs, LED share price signs, and LED stock price displays. We even offer data acquisition LED displays that use feeds from system terminals such as Bloomberg and Reuters which specialise in stock price feeds. If you need an LED stock price display, stock price sign or LED ticker to display financial information – you have come to the right place! Our LED displays that are connected to live RSS feed systems, are programmed to display the very latest prices and developments within your business.


The best part about these signs is the fact that there are many different options when it comes to how the LED information is displayed on the LED ticker tape. For example, you have the option of controlling the information using a computer or the displays can be programmed to display up to date and current content as soon as it changes. We can set this up for you by connecting it to a specific software that can be linked directly to your computer terminal. These types of financial LED displays can also be used when a financial institute (such as a bank) to show relevant data to clients and customers. There is also the capacity to enable remote log in to change which stocks, commodities, bonds, currencies or even cryptocurrencies are displayed. In addition to banks, there are also a number of retail stores that have started using these kinds of signs as a way to keep people up to date on their latest offers or financial performance.

Harrods LED Tickers

Dynamo LED Displays worked alongside Europe’s largest and most prestigious department store to install 27 LED tickers in the windows along Brompton Road and Hans Crescent. The ticker tapes which scroll the logos of designers including Saint Lauren, Givenchy and Escada to name but a few were showcased in the window together with white neon lighting tubes to create a modern feel.

The 24/7 operation means that the ticker tapes are visible any time of day or night and are clearly visible even on bright sunny days. for more information on this project please visit this page Harrods LED Tickers





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