Novastar Taurus TB3 Multimedia Player – LED PROCESSOR


Novastar Taurus TB3 Multimedia Players box


Nova T-series multimedia player, a next-generation product that combines powerful performance, stability and security, to provide users with a diverse range of solutions. The T-series is suitable for digital signage, fixed installation screens, as well as pole screens in applications including advertising, digital signboards, commercial displays and Smart Cities. Taurus is the unparalleled choice for smart display systems.

PC-free solution

Regular operate without the hassle of a PC

The same screen can be divided into several parts with different ads to maximize value

Controlled remotely by cell phone


Digital signage combined into huge displays, allows even small windows to display large pictures

Multiple signs can be grouped together to surpass the size limits of a smaller screen.

Novastar TB3 Multimedia Player feature following advantages, better satisfying users’ requirements:

Loading capacity up to 650,000 pixels
Synchronization mechanism for multi-screen playing
Powerful processing capability
Omnidirectional control plan
Dual-Wi-Fi mode
4G module (no included)
Redundant backup


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