LCD Screens

The word LCD means liquid crystal display. It is a flat panel display or electronically modulated optical device. It uses light modulating property of liquid property. The Liquid crystal property does not emits light of its own instead it depends on the light falling on it and the backlight functions in forming the image. It can display either black and white picture or a colour picture. LCD screens are normally of lighter weight and are thinner in depth.

Interior of LCD display

LCD displays consist of a thin layer crystal which is set between two thin layers of glass sheet. Among the two glasses one is transparent and other have the reflecting coating. When the lights pass the transparent glass the image is formed on the reflective glass. It consists of either passive matrix or active matrix display grid. The passive matrix is known as film transistor display and the active matrix have grids of conductors set on the two sides. Current is send through two conductors on the grids to control the light on the pixel.

LCD Advantages

  • One of the best benefits is on our health that is this display screen is not harming our eyesight. Not completing but it is minimizing the harmful rays to affect the eye sight.
  • Less consumption of electricity is also the benefit of the screen
  • A better quality of image is displayed.
  • It is available in various sizes.
  • It is built by keeping in mind about the environment, few harmful chemicals are used. Rest body parts can be recycled.
  • Available at cheap price.
  • Less heating.

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