Our products are designed especially for the transportation field in Europe, and our design concept is followed strictly by the EN12966-1 standard formulated by the EU. EN 12966 sets requirements precisely on Visual performance, EMC, Environmental performance and durability. The EN also has other strict requirements on product design as follows:

  1. ROHS: Strictly applied with ROHS standard on the selection of raw martial, as well as on production technology
  2. Temperature: When considering the different application environment, the following different standards are available: T1, T2 and T3, our current design is based on T2.
  3. IP Rating: The current design is IP65, while we can also as high as IP66 if needed in practice.
  4. Vibration Test: In order to avoid the damage caused by vibration on the product, we have strict requiment on the purchasing and connection of signal and power supply cables. Even when vibration tested for more than 270 minutes under 200Hz frequency, there is no bad influence on our products.
  5. Anti-graffiti: The cabinet surface is designed with anti-graffiti function, which can perform self-cleaning with rainwater.
  6. Anti-Water Forming/Anti-Dust Retention/Anti-Snow Forming: We have designed a system on the displays front surface which can ensure clear information is displayed even in snowy weather.
  7. Anti-Striking: The display area is the most fragile part of sign for the normal display, which can be damaged easily by striking, but the EN products are designed, under full consideration of the striking influence, by a destructive test of dropping one aluminium balls onto the display surface without any damage.
  8. Fault Detection: By designing the function of fault dection on the module, which can send the data after detection to the controlling PC wirelessly and timely, the real-time displaying situation of the sign can be known by the engineers at all times.
  • Maintenance: The cellular design on electronical parts, system and modules, with obvious marks on special part to avoid wrong connection, ensure easily maintenance.
  • Standardisation Design: The following details of the display had been considered carefully: cable color, specification and marks,terminal color and specification, protection of electronic leakage, high voltage protection, grounding, as well as to keep clear and clean inside cabinet.
  • Lifespan: The good performance of anti-corrosion of the cabinet, which can bear 1000 hours neutral salt spray test, as well as he main material such as LED from Nichia ,ensure 10 years’ application for outdoor. The static driving method design on module with 0ma electricity also ensure the stabebility and long time application. The other materials are also selected and purchased by the industrial standard to ensure the vms is safe and stable.

We offer LED displays that have various applications in the transport sector and some of them are shown below:

  1. Motorway speed and lane control
  2. Airport check-in displays
  3. Baggage collection information
  4. Rail and airport passenger information
  5. Airport flight arrivals & departures boards
  6. City car parking information and availability
  7. Customs information at borders and crossing points
  8. Road closure and works signs
  9. Vehicle queuing and accident information

LED information displays at airports such as flight information, bus or coach station displays, and train stations and car parks form a network of intelligent systems. One part of the system collects the data and sorts out the information, and the LED displays present it to people who need it. LED information displays are updated via computer and therefore the information they display is current and up to date. For use on the highways we supply LED displays that comply with UK and European standards which specify the performance of the LED displays. Our displays are highly customisable, and we can use colours that blend or standout from the environment. LED displays are very useful on motorways for traffic calming and control purposes as well as informing drivers of diversions and accidents.


  • direct view LED Display

    Direct View LED Installation – Sobha Park Lane, London

    Direct View LED Display – Full HD Direct view LED – Dynamo LED Displays have installed their lowest pixel pitch display at the Sobha Marketing suite in Park Lane, London. Sobha, who are an Indian real estate developer with it’s headquarters in Bangalore, India contacted Dynamo LED through their Dubai office to commission the p1.56mm LED screen

  • LED Tickers Harrods

    LED Tickers In Harrods Windows

    LED Tickers From Dynamo LED Installed In Harrods Windows Harrods, the famous London department store which first opened over 170 years ago in 1849 recently commissioned Dynamo LED Displays to install a total of 27 LED ticker displays in nearly all of its windows along Brompton Road and Hans Crescent. The World famous store which


    Dynamo LED Displays Supply Flexible LED into Dublin Airport

    Dynamo LED Displays Supply Flexible P2.5mm LED Modules at Dublin Airport After the success of Dynamo’s recent visit to Dublin Airport Dynamo LED have supplied more LED into the airport, this time in the shape of P2.5mm flexible LED Modules. The rubber based LED modules were used to create a stunning wave shape across  a

  • Dynamo LED Displays install amazing tunnel experience at Dublin Airport

    Dynamo LED Displays P2.5mm LED Walls at Dublin Airport Dynamo LED Displays installed two high resolution 13 meter x 2 meter LED screens at Dublin airport to create an incredibly immersive experience for passengers arriving from destinations all over the world. The LED displays which showcase beautiful scenery shot in high resolution across the Emerald

  • P1.9 LED Video Screen at Rak Ceramics Dubai

    Dynamo LED Displays P1.9mm LED Screen at Rak Ceramics Dubai   Dynamo LED Display’s latest venture into the Middle East brought us to Rak Ceramics showroom in Dubai to install this incredible P1.9mm LED video display. Built using Dynamo’s 480mm x 480mm P1.9mm LED cabinets the display was installed in just one night by Dynamo’s

  • touchscreen

    Dynamo LED and Barclaycard collaborate in Hamburg

    Dynamo Were Approached By Barclaycard To Bring Corporate Set In Hamburg HQ Into The Digital Age. The brief was to make the space informative, interactive and to promote staff engagement to provide ideas for improvement within the business. Key areas: 2 x 55” Phillips Touch monitors were housed in bespoke wall mounted kiosks with integrated

  • P1.5mm LED Screen at Abu Dhabi Marketing Suite

    Dynamo LED Displays 1.5mm LED Screen at Abu Dhabi Marketing Suite   Dynamo LED were called upon to complete this difficult installation of a 1.5mm LED video wall in a high end marketing suite in Abu Dhabi. The curved LED display measured 3.6m x 2m and was installed, configured and commissioned in just one day.


    Dynamo LED Displays Gigantic LED Screens at Muscat Grand Mall

    Dynamo LED Displays Install Huge LED Tower in Oman Dynamo LED Displays recently completed the installation of the biggest LED tower in the Middle East along with 10 smaller LED columns and 1 large outdoor P20 display. The LED tower which is the largest LED display in Oman was made up of a total of

  • LED Display at London Spinning Studio

    Dynamo Install Fantastic 2.5mm LED Screen at London Fitness Studio

    Dynamo LED Displays 2.5mm LED Screen at London Fitness Studio   Dynamo LED Displays used 60 of their new indoor LED cabinets at a London fitness studio to make this amazing 4.8m x 2.88m LED Display which shows dynamic content while fitness enthusiasts work out in front of it. The immersive experience is enhanced by

  • LED Shop front at Superdry Heathrow

    Dynamo LED Install Complete LED Shopfront at Superdry Heathrow

    Dynamo LED’S Incredible LED Shopfront at Superdry Heathrow   Dynamo LED Displays were selected by clothing retailer Superdry to install this incredible p3mm LED shopfront at London’s Heathrow Airport. The custom LED Display featured not only right angle returns on the pillars but also LED soffits all displaying custom 4k content. The store has reported

  • LED Building Facade Cairo

    Dynamo LED Displays Install LED Facade On Building in Cairo, Egypt

    Dynamo LED Install LED Facade on Building in Cairo   Dynamo LED Displays installed architectural LED lighting on this building in Cairo using the latest LED technology. The video controlled LED tubes create amazing effects both day and night to draw attention.   Please feel free to contact our sales team on 0845 257 2300

  • Outdoor LED Billboard

    Dynamo Install Oman’s Largest Outdoor LED Billboard

    Dynamo Install Amazing 14m x 10 meter Curved LED Billboard Here is one fantastic example of our outdoor LED video walls. Situated at Muscat Grand Mall in Oman, this screen is installed over 10 meters off the ground and positioned on a highly curved fasard looking out onto a busy highway. It is 14 meters