Indoor and Outdoor LED Screen and Video Wall Displays – United Arab Emirates

Are you looking for award-winning indoor and outdoor LED screen and video wall installations in United Arab Emirates? Look no further! Dynamo LED Displays are here to help you grow your business.

Dynamo LED Screens and Video Wall Displays

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Dynamo specialises in all things LED. Our manufacturing plants, located in both Dubai and the UK, supply products to consumers around the world, including United Arab Emirates.

Our team is encompassed of top engineers, IT professionals, and electronic experts. We design most of our systems. As such, you don’t have to worry about receiving anything other than our best LED displays. 

Despite our devices being among the best in the industry, we keep our prices competitive. Our promise to deliver value makes it easy for consumers to have access to great products. 

We have just about every kind of commercial LED display screen and sign you can think of.

Can’t find what you are seeking? We also provide consultancy services! Dynamo will customise and design a top-notch LED screen to meet your requirements.  

Our Systems – Cloud Based CMS

When you get your LED screen or sign, it’s easy to choose what content to display. Consumers use a cloud-based CMS (content management system) to control all of our products. You simply log in and edit the text as needed. 

The system we use is advanced in that it lets you schedule content to show at a specific time. It can also use sensors to display the temperature or show content to relevant consumers accurately. You can even tell the system to send you an email or text in case that performance issues occur.

Furthermore, once you get our devices installed, we provide unmatched maintenance. For one, most of our LED products come with a 3-year warranty. We also offer excellent customer service, remote fixes, and training on how to fix issues yourself. Additionally, you can take advantage of our repair and maintenance services. We strive to provide you with a complete experience and give you all the necessary knowledge to use any LED technology in the best possible way.

LED Screen Applications

More and more businesses are turning to LED screens. They are a great alternative to LCD screens as they are easier to read from further away and more energy efficient. Latest technologies also features designs that permit improved viewability, where the screens are visible even from the narrowest of angles. Such improvements makes it much easier to get your message out there and attract the right audience!

Thanks to our line of outdoor and indoor products you don’t have to limit where you can display your message. Whether it is rain or a hot desert climate, each product is appropriately designed for the conditions it may come across. Our products are also available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

Businesses make different uses of LED screens and signs depending on their need? Application can be just about anything:

  • Broadcast a welcome message
  • Advertise products on retailer stores
  • Weddings
  • Stadium concerts and live matches
  • Television productions and indoor shows
  • Trade events
  • Commercial advertising

LED displays are popular at national sporting events such as Premier League Football and Wimbledon. Businesses are also taking advantage of them for window advertising, communicating with customers, etc.

Outdoor LED Screens – United Arab Emirates

If you plan on using an LED screen in the Emirates outdoors, it should withstand any weather conditions.

Luckily, our outdoor LED video wall displays consist of the most robust materials. They endure everything. From wind and rain to the dazzling hot sun, the screen lasting you for years to come. 

An outdoor screen should also be easy to manage. As with all of our products, you can easily log in to the CMS to edit the contents as needed.

You may input the information manually or have it preprogrammed (asynchronous). To display live events, you can set the video feed to display directly (synchronous). 

One of our most popular products is our outdoor LED video wall screen. Companies use them for a number of purposes, including:

  • Moving screenings
  • Sporting events
  • Concerts
  • Festivals

Giant LED Displays

If you are looking to make a BIG statement, our giant LED displays are up for the job.

You can use them for something as simple as showing off your business’s name. You can even customize it to scroll to show your customers other valuable information. You can have it show the time or temperature or put in your latest offers and promotions. 

A great advantage of our LED products is that you can get something with more dimension.

Even with the biggest screens, you can choose to get a curved display. These are excellent options and may better fit your spacing needs.  

Advertising LED Screens

Our products aren’t just for major outdoor events. They’re also optimal for spreading your business’s message or any discounts and sales. 

Nothing catches a person’s attention quite like an LED advertising screen.

With so many companies taking advantage of them, relying on traditional signage has become an outdated practice.

LED video displays are perfect for enticing prospective customers or leads. People who are passing by are bound to see your sign, piquing interest in what you have to offer. 

You’ll find similar LED devices in places as prominent as Times Square and the Piccadilly Circus. They advertise everything from the newest blockbusters to the latest beauty products.

Ordinary businesses find LED advetising displays convenient as well.

With unlimited display options, you can advertise a few select items and deals that you know will draw in customers, or you can show your entire inventory if desired!

Advertising screens are also an excellent way to encourage customers to drop in the store if you sell a service rather than a tangible product.

Augmented reality led screen

Digital LED Billboards

Our digital LED billboards are among the most practial on the market. We use technology that results in crystal-clear images and efficient operation. 

Unlike traditional video projection, the digital display screen uses black join lines. These lines create higher levels of contrast and better brightness, colour depth, and refresh rate. 

Another tremendious benefit of the LED billboard over its traditional version is the ability to show multiple offers and messages.

Moreover, with our easy to use CMS, you can change the message displayed any time you want, without any limitations.

At last but not least, the superior image quality offers a much better viewing experience. A person can see the content at further distances and varying angles. Our outdoor products have pixel pitches ranging from p3.2 to p6+.


Wondering why you would want a transparent option? In short, they look cool and are very flexible!

Our transparent products look like objects from the future. They allow light to pass through on both sides, creating a dimensional look.

This kind of display tends to be brighter than other more tradtional LED options, meaning individuals can see it from even further away. Plus, with our unmatched pixel pitch, you can expect images of the highest quality that will always deliver your message in a remarkable manner.

Transparent LED screens and curtains can be very useful in a fast paced environment like Dubai and the rest of the UAE where many distractions can take the attention of your audience.

Dynamo LED Displays installed Oman’s Largest LED screen and what is believed to be the largest LED tower in the Middle East at Muscat Grand Mall, Oman. The main structure stood at a whopping 13.5m tall and was surrounded on all four sides by an LED floor which was 1.5m wide. The P4mm display was also interactive and enabled participants to play games on the screens as well as upload images via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In addition to the main LED tower Dynamo also installed a further 10 LED columns as well as a 14m x 10m Outdoor LED billboard which curved around the building’s facade.

Dynamo LED Displays provided an 8m LED video wall at Liverpool Football Club’s merchandise store at Anfield. Dynamo were also responsible for a further 9 LCD displays situated around the store which were integrated existing CMS. Fans of the club were able to play Playstation 4 on the huge LED screen as well as view live TV streamed from the club’s TV channel.

The project was awarded the 2018 Creative Retail Award for Best Overall Store Collaboration.

Indoor LED Screens – United Arab Emirates

You don’t just need high-quality displays for outdoor purposes. You will need indoor LED screens for a variety of reasons, whether it be for showing off your sales or displaying information to your consumers. 

An indoor LED screen is perfect for these purposes and many more. We build our indoor screen displays with the most durable materials and the latest technology so that you get the best devices possible. 

Ultra HD LED Screens

In many cases, you can’t get by with anything other than exceptional image quality. 

Maybe you need to livestream video at a sporting event. Or, perhaps you need to get closeups of the band at a concert? Whatever your needs may be, we understand the importance of high-quality images. 

This need is where our ultra HD products come into play. They provide you and your consumers with beautiful images to be remembered. The high resolution makes the content come to life and fully emerges your audience. 

We have products in a range of sizes to fit your needs. Our display pitch starts at around 0.8 millimeters, meaning that even the smallest of screens will produce high-quality images. 

LED Video Walls

Like with many other of our products, our LED video walls look like a device coming straight from the future. 

We install them so that they become part of your property. The video wall will seamlessly sits on your wall and efficiently broadcast your message. 

Like with our other products, we can custom build an LED wall just for you. We’ve created walls as big as 13.5m x 1.5m, which is the size of the one at the Muscat Grand Mall in Oman, the largest LED tower in the Middle East. 

If you don’t need something this big, we’ve got you covered! Our screens can be as small as 128mm X 96mm.

Our range of pixel pitches ranges from p0.8 to p3+ for an indoor LED video wall. The variety means your images will look fabulous, no matter the screen size.  Feel free to contact us to get more details on the different specifications.

Interactive Video Walls

An even more futuristic aspect of our video walls is their interactive capabilities. 

The wall we built at the Muscat Grand Mall, for instance, actively engages consumers. Participants can use it to play games and upload images from social media. 

Our video walls are also interactive in a subtler way. They can use sensors to collect data from an audience. 

The sensors detect factors such as age, height, and gender. By analyzing this information, the system will project content best-suited for the audience.

The system will also analyze its performance. By sensing dwell time and footfall, it can determine what content is and isn’t working. Then, it’ll adjust its display settings accordingly. 

The latest additions to our portfolio are LED augmented reality installations. With this technology, we are taking the use of interactive video walls to a whole new level where your audience will feel like they are part of the action.