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Dynamo RC Rectangle LED Cabinet

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Rectangle LED Cabinet

The RC series contains 7 LED pixel pitches of 2.5/2.6/2.8/3.1/3.9/4.8/5.9, which we believe meets the indoor fixed LED installation demands of most customers. Coupled with the combination of the following three sizes of cabinets: 750x250mm, 1000x250mm, 1250x250mm (WXH), for shop window screens, conference room display screens, airport & station information screens and a variety of indoor applications can be easily adapted to better suit the requirements.

The aluminium cabinet ensures the flatness of the cabinet and the thickness of the whole cabinet is only 55mm, which makes wall-suspended installation and wall-fixed installation more feasible. The weight of the single cabinet (1000x250mm) is only 6.8 kg, which allows the installation to be completed by just one person, saving time and reducing the damage of pixels.

RC series rectangle LED cabinets are universal, and the modules can also be used on our DY series of cabinets. For customers who rent or use this product in a large amount, it is then easier to replace and match the product in various applications.

This series supports brightness/colour calibration, and the module has built-in data storage chip which can store the calibration data on the module. For items with calibration requirements, there is no need to worry about the calibration effect after replacing the auxiliary module; in this instance the module will automatically display the same calibration data. It can also be used as a smart module, including signal, voltage monitoring, data storage and other functions available from our LED diagnostics systems.

High contrast, large viewing angle (160°/140°) and fanless design ensure quiet operation with no noise in indoor environments. External indicator lights and test button to make any troubleshooting faster.

The structure of the LED cabinet is simple, incorporating front service for power supply units and receiving cards is guaranteed with the magnetic module. The cabinet can be equipped with a back frame during installation, or it can be installed directly by self-tapping screws, which are faster and thinner.


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